40 Amazing Photo Tricks & Optical Illusions

I've always been intrigued by photo perspectives and optical illusions. I've scoured the net to bring you 40 photo tricks and optical illusions which I've been impressed by. Check out my other post as well for more cool optical and photo illusions. If you like this post please share!             [...]

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Over 100 Mind Blowing 3D Chalk Art Designs

I've decided to create a compilation of the some of the most mind blowing chalk art. These artists are capable of combining surrealism with illusion in tricking our minds. These artists use sidewalks and streets as their cavas and use a type of projection call anamorphosis which creates the 3D illusion when viewed at a certain angle.

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Top 20 Comedians

Comedy is subjective, evolves and sometimes based on current events which is why I want to outline this list is not in any particular order. I've been a fan of stand up comedy since I was in high school and comics I found funny in the past now seem lame to me. I'm sure many will look at this list and ask why certain comedians are missing and it's simple .. they didn't make me laugh as hard these 20 did.

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