The Modular Cat House

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  • Easy To Make: just use the hook and loop tabs to joining the cardboard pieces together.
  • BoxKitty is Tough: Made of the highest quality materials, with a specially selected double layered cardboard from New Zealand. It is much stronger than regular cardboard, as well as being hard to scratch and water resistant.
  • Great for your Cat: You have your own space, so why not your cat? Cats like to have their own space too, this makes them happier. Cats also need exercise to keep them healthy, both physically and mentally, BoxKitty give’s them there own place to play and exercise.
  • HAPPY CAT=HAPPY YOU Cat’s love it, we have been live testing BoxKitty with different cats for years, and if there’s one thing we are sure of, it is cats love to play with it!


BOXKITTY is an amazing cat house that lets you create the perfect space for your cat, to play and relax in. Cats need their own territory and place to call their own, BOXKITTY can be that space, helping them feel more relaxed, mentally and physically. Because of its clever modular design, BOXKITTY can fit into any home, and can be changed at any time to suit both you and your cat.


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