Tetris 5 in 1 Multitool


The Tetris Multitool comes with 5 handy tools: 

– flat head screwdriver
– cross head screwdriver
– pair of scissors
– bottle opener
– knife


The long four-square ‘I’ brick in Tetris is totally overrated. Oh yes, we know you wait for it eagerly for your way-too-high brick rows, to get extra bonus points while saving you from Game Over!! Bit risky, though, isn’t it?

Well, there are other tactics, safer ones, building on many small rows. The ‘T’ brick for example. Sometimes annoying, you can clear a double with it. Neat and safe.

And you know what? There’s also a surprise in it: a hidden pocket knife – well, only in this special model, the Tetris Multitool 5-in-1 brick. We bet you’ll be longing far more for this ‘T’ brick when you’ve just snapped off a fingernail, or when you can’t open the battery box of your new gadget without a tool, or when you like your teeth too much to open a bottle of beer with them!


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